Energy Trading

Energy Trading

In 2022, Turkey’s installed capacity reached 103.81 GWh. Electricity consumption reached 328,713 GWh. Electricity production increased to 324,301 GWh in the same period.

This power was produced by Independent Production Companies (68.19%), public sector (EUAS and affiliated) (20.225%), Custom Model Production Companies (BO, BOT, Operation License Transfer) (3.266%) and unlicensed production (8.318%).

At the end of 2022, the distribution of installed capacity according to resource was as follows: 46.05% fossil fuel and 53.95% renewable.

At the end of 2022, the number of operational power plants in Turkey reached 11,501 of which 751 were HPP, 66 were coalfired thermal, 358 were WPP, 63 were GPP, 344 were NGC, 9,428 were PV and 491 were various others.

Similar to global trends, the share of renewable energy in total installed capacity is increasing in Turkey. In 2022, renewable energy accounted for 54% of the country’s installed capacity. Again, consistent with the global energy market, the share of solar power is expected to increase in Turkey in 2022 and the years to follow. The total installed capacity of unlicensed solar power plants in 2022 reached 9,425 MW.