Vision and Mission


To become a reliable and reputable energy company in the sector which diversifies and broadens its portfolio by realising projects that provide sustainable added value to its partners.


To contribute to green energy production by giving priority to local and renewable resources.
To operate in a transparent fashion to remain competitive in national and international markets.
To create value for our shareholders, employees and customers in harmony with our environment and stakeholders.


  • The principal of reliability is a priority in our activities.
  • We share accurate and current information with our customers, partners and employees in a transparent and understandable way.
  • We strive to keep our promises under any circumstance.
  • Honesty is an integral part of Enda ethics and values, and has reflected on all its activities since its foundation.
  • Enda manages its relations with customers, employees, stakeholders, group companies, banks and all institutions and organisations based on these values.
  • The board of directors and senior management adopts the duty and awareness of “accountability” while keeping company and shareholder interests a priority.
  • In scope of social responsibility, Enda carries out detailed studies in all of its investments while considering the benefit of the environment and society. In this context Enda supports social and cultural events.