Sustainability Policies

Integrated Quality Policy

As a private sector supplier in the sector with 100% renewable energy production, ENDA ENERGY Holding Co. is an organisation that operates with a quality focused approach, aware of its responsibilities towards its suppliers, customers, the environment and employees. This approach is the basis of our consistent and growing success, and internal/external customer satisfaction. Which aims sustained customer satisfaction and quality.

Loyal to its principle of efficiently using natural resources for a sustainable planet, ENDA ENERGY Holding Co. values working principles, social responsibility, social and environmental awareness and human rights and thereby considers the following principles as the building blocks of its Integrated Management System Policy:

  • Being responsive to environmental problems and support all activities aimed at increasing environmental responsibility, promote the development and popularisation of environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Combat all types of corruption in commercial activities including bribes and extortion.
  • We pledge to do our best to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders and customers in particular, to manage and improve all our processes, and produce green and clean energy by utilising renewable energy sources.
  • We implement programmes to increase employee awareness and include them in the system by hearing their ideas and opinions with the objective of improving the performance of the Integrated Management System.
  • We pledge to provide a working environment for our employees and all stakeholders based on the considerations of the Integrated Management System.
  • For the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, we pledge to continuously improve our performance by ensuring customer satisfaction, preventing pollution and protecting the environment, preventing injuries and health problems and utilising renewable energy sources.
  • With consideration to the impact of our operational decisions on the Integrated Management System, we pledge to determine the process risks, occupational hazards, environmental impacts and significant uses of energy which are native components of our activities; and to implement planned initiatives to minimise and control such effects.
  • We select the most energy efficient products and support all designs aimed at improving energy performance.
  • Employee awareness and participation will be our greatest source of energy and motivation in achieving the success of our employees. As Enda Energy, our objective is to constantly build on our competitive strengths and proudly represent our company.
  • To persistently improve our Integrated Management System processes; to improve system effectiveness and efficiency by incorporating technological developments in our processes.
  • To supply and serve in accordance with contractual requirements as well as relevant legislation and standards in effect.
  • Guided by the principle “employees are a company asset”, to improve the personal, occupational development and satisfaction of our employees with continued trainings; to ensure individual contributions to the management of the company and disseminate environmental awareness at all levels of our workforce.
  • To increase efficiency by establishing an ethos of cooperation and reciprocal trust with our suppliers.
  • To acts as a solution partner for our customers with the aim of maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • To sustain the management system by meeting reasonable conditions with consideration to the needs and expectations of relevant parties.
  • To realise our activities with a focus on corrective, preventative and reformative approaches, to support our principles with measurable objectives with the aim of building on our existing superior service quality.
  • Our aim is to be a reliable, enduring, pioneering, progressive and outward oriented international company which meets customer demands, remains uncompromising of quality, closely follows technological developments, emphasises honesty and post-sales services, and practices a swift service system based on the prioritisation of time management and quality.

ENDA ENERGY will work as a guiding organisation in the sector by persistently making a difference in its services. Led by our directors, all our employees are responsible of practicing and improving the Integrated Management System principles.

Managing Director

Energy Policies

As a private sector supplier in the sector with 100% renewable energy production, ENDA ENERGY Holding Co:

ENDA Co. is dedicated to produce renewable energy at superior quality standards and contributes to energy saving by minimising energy consumption at its facilities.

Enda pledges to:

Continuously review its objectives and targets determined based on defined policies and resulting performance by monitoring Energy Performance Indicators,

Conform with applicable provisions and other conditions related to energy use, consumption and efficiency,

electrical energy, which accounts for the largest share in energy use, in every stage from design to processes,

Increase employee, sub-contractor and supplier awareness on energy efficiency,

Increase energy performance by considering energy efficiency factor in purchasing machinery and equipment,

Provide periodic training on energy management systems for existing and new employees.

Managing Director

Information Security Policy


This policy has been developed with the purpose of declaring Enda Energy Holding Co. Board of Directors’ endorsement of and loyalty to corporate objectives concerning liabilities determined by legal provisions and agreements, conformity to corporate strategy, and the information security management system. The Policy also intends to inform employees and all relevant parties.


The scope has been determined to ensure information security of electricity energy production, purchase, sale and distribution operations, and pertaining activities that include electricity production, maintenance, finance and accounting, human resources, purchasing, data processing, internal auditing, investor relations and subsidiaries, and investment projects.


The Information Security Management Team is responsible for the management of the information security system. The Board of Directors is responsible for supporting and auditing the Information Security Management Team


4.1. Information Security Target
To establish, audit and improve the system defining the necessary control and practices for the prevention and management of risks that could impact the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information assets in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard. 

4.2. Executive Support and Resources
Necessary support and resources shall be allocated for the establishment and sustenance of the information security management system. The Board of Directors shall fulfil its duties pertaining to auditing and strategy.

4.3. Applicability
The applicability factor shall be considered in planning and decisions. Compliance and sustainability shall be considered during corporate business processes.

4.4. Personnel
Ensuring information security and the sustainability of the system is only possible with the contribution and support of employees. For this purpose, all employees shall be informed on information security threats and provided with respective awareness trainings. All employees are expected to comply with determined rules.

4.5. Legal Legislation
Legal legislation introduces responsibilities about information security. Necessary tracking and arrangements shall be made for compliance. 

4.6. Agreements
The information security expectations of customers shall be met. Customer information confidentiality shall be ensured. Suppliers will be expected to comply with our rules on information security.

4.7. Personal Data
The protection of personal data is significant in terms of ethical values. Compliance with the personal data protection law and regulations, and committee verdicts shall be guaranteed.

4.8. Risks
Risks threatening the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information assets shall be regularly analysed and necessary counter-measures shall be taken.

4.9. Continuity of Business
The continuity and back-upped sustainability of information processing instruments which ensure the execution of our business processes is a priority. Necessary investments and resources shall be allocated for this purpose.

4.10. Control and Auditing
The Board of Directors shall periodically control and evaluate compliance with information security policies and rules.

4.11. Ownership of Information
Our company holds the ownership of created, updated and utilised information assets. Everyone with access to these assets must bear this awareness.

4.12. Exceptions and Discrepancies
Involvement in activities that violate company and ethical rules and laws using information assets is unacceptable. Such activities and attempts shall call for disciplinary action and trigger disciplinary and legal proceedings.

Managing Director