Our Companies

Egenda Ege Power Production Co.

Ege Power Production Co. was founded on 19 March 1997 by more than 150 industrialists and businesspersons from Turkey’s Aegean Region with Enda as a 74.53% shareholder.

Egenda acts as a company which realises and operates the investments included in Enda Energy Holding’s portfolio which include Eğlence I HPP, Eğlence II HPP, Alaçatı WPP, Mordoğan WPP, Germiyan WPP, Urla WPP as well as its operational subsidiaries Tuzla GPP, Yaylaköy WPP and Su Enerji (Çaygören HPP).

Sine 1997, EGENDA has been operating solely in the energy sector through its affiliated companies and subsidiaries.

With a focus on renewable resources, Egenda’s fields of activity and interests as an investor is to develop and invest in energy production projects and operate power plants employing any form of production technologies.